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Who we are.

The Junkshow is the story of strong friendships, the joy of exploration, and chronically unprepared over-exuberance. It all started as the adventures of two friends, Isaac Walden and Gabe Cortelyou, and has grown into a tightknit community of skiers and riders based out of the Eastern Sierras and Tahoe.
            Starting with a used 670 Skidoo Summit, Gabe and Isaac started snowmobile skiing shortly after moving down to Tahoe from their native Washington in 2001. The requisite duct tape, baling wire, bungee cords, and goofy smiles garnered the well-earned moniker “The Junkshow”. As the snowmobile platforms improved so did their ability to navigate and explore the Northern Sierra and things have been full throttle since.
            Today the Junkshow Media House is a growing collection of friends that film sled-accessed freeskiing throughout the West. The Junkshow crew is unique because of the experience, skills, and attitude that they bring to every mission. The core group has been an ensemble of veteran wildland firefighters, avalanche technicians, guides, and freeskiers. Capitalizing on these skill sets has allowed the Junkshow to access and aggressively ski remote terrain in previously unreachable areas. 
            The crew has steadily polished their operations and media content, and continues to attract new members every year while gleefully remaining upbeat and unrefined.  

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