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Michael Cullen |

Mike has been one of the most aggressive and upbeat skiers in the Junkshow. His co-lab entry for TGR this year was filmed largely on Junkshow expeditions and he has consistently set the bar higher for the ski and stoke level. Mike enjoys new zones, river otters, Kokanee and the taco truck in Revy.

Sponsor's include:

The ON3P Mix Tape : Vol. 2

Go skiing with your friends! 

Mike's shredding on the Billy Goat and Cease & Desist skis from ON3P around Tahoe, Idaho and AK with the Junkshow Crew.

The Band is Back Together

A little glimpse of what Junkshow Media House has been getting into . . .

Northbound : AK the hard way.

A ski bum's pilgrimage to Alaska. Mike Cullen and Ryan Price scrap together a sketch rig and make the journey from Lake Tahoe to Valdez on the infamous ALCAN Highway . . . 

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