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short indie films 



With plans to sneak across the Canadian border, COVID-19 hit. We headed home and quaranteamed up.


An American Tail

Willfully establishing residence in a snowmobile trailer during the winter is no small feat - hours of meticulous preparation only go so far to overcome the hurdles of frigid temperatures, wet gear and cramped quarters. The trade off, is total immersion into a lifestyle where simplicity and freedom reign supreme. Select your zone, park the rig, allow everything else to dissolve into background noise - let skiing and the experience become the focal point. This concept became our reality, enjoy.

Light into Dark

A 10 inch predicted storm became 20 inches and then it morphed into over 50 inches. Eventually it was too deep to ski, too deep to sled. Daylight turned into darkness, the rhythmic hum of the t-bar echoed in the distance - we'd found what we came for.

Sierra Sunshine

Finding out what lies just beyond the horizon is one of the main attractions in backcountry skiing. Sharing those discoveries with close friends enhances the experience. Thanks to Junkshow Media House for all the late nights, early mornings, qualify skiing and positive memories on my last trip. 

From our friends at Last Chair

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