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short indie films



A short story documenting the finer moments in the life of the Junkshow . . . Welcome to the Junkshow.

Sierra Buttes.

Travel an hour North of Tahoe and you'll find your own private world. Sled skiing in the Sierra Buttes. Sshh, don't tell anyone.

South Lake Tahoe.

Home, the Back Yard, why would you go anywhere else? Just a taste of why So. Lake has so many shredders and why everyone has a sled.

Sonora Pass.

With having the reputation of "booterville" and with countless snowboard crews and jibbers alike flocking from Mammoth. The Junkshow sets out to break the mold and look at the bigger picture.

Ebbetts Pass.

There should be a code name for this place; Ebbetts has on of the most playful zones in the greater Tahoe Area, right next to one of the most terrifying ones. The Junkshow got in with perfect snow and a huge crew. This is the result.


Lamoilie Canyon.

I am in the middle of nowhere. A glacier long ago carved a deep canyon through the heart of the Ruby Mountains to create me. Enjoy my beautiful rock features and stunning peaks. I am a sled skiing gem. Let me show you why the drive is worh it . . .   I am Lamoille Canyon!


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