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short indie films 




A little extra edit for the season put together for the Kirkwood Deep event. This annual event highlights local talent by showcasing short segments for a riders polling. Junkshow opened up for the event along with 10 Barrel Brewing Co. and Blank Collective.

Kirkwood Deep also raised money for a Squaw Valley Pro Patroller, Amy Holland (who got her patrolling roots at Kirkwood) who is battling cancer. Please join us in Amy's Marathon to Fight Brain Cancer.   All funds will go directly to pay for her hospital stays, surgeries and anything above to support her ongoing needs. 



Wayward is a mashup of a few locations that we missed by a couple of days. We were pushed out of Cook City by rain at 11,000 feet. McCall was a few degrees off of all time. Elko was bangers until another warm-up caused us to push on, wayward

Enjoy the burnt ends of a few locations that are too good not to serve up, bone-in, hot and messy. 

Is it Blinking? For the Soul

Sometimes you have to throw the plans out the window, put down the camera and just ski with your friends.

The Tam McArthur Experience

After a rain out at 11,000 feet in Cook City, we pulled stakes and headed to Bend. It paid off!

Ride of the Dark Horse

Arguably, the Sierra is the most inconsistent home for skiers, and the 2017/2018 winter was no different. Throughout the high-pressure systems and the atmospheric hammers, the Sierra was true to form. A wild card. A dark horse. 

Two Days in Tahoe



From our Friends at Last Chair

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